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Inhouse Consulting Engineers have proudly serviced Sydney for over 30 years

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Frequently Asked Questions


When do you need an Engineer?
  • If you have architectural plans that need structural design input
  • If your new building plans include footings, slabs, beams etc

  • If you are building a new granny flat, house, duplex, townhouse, residential flat building (Class II), mixed use development or commercial or industrial building

  • If you are removing walls or adding larger doors

  • If you are altering the foundations or excavating a basement or man-cave under the house

  • If you are doing an upper storey addition

  • If you will use steel beams and columns

  • If you are altering the roof framing

  • If you have cracks, gaps or structural building problems occurring

  • If you have flooding or drainage issues causing moisture ingress

  • If you need to an engineer's zone of influence report when building near storm water assets

  • If you need to ensure structural adequacy of any existing structure

  • If you have received Development Consent and need to satisfy conditions for structural designs or certificates or dilapidation reports

  • If need engineer's inspection during construction including pier inspection, concrete slab inspection, steel reinforcement inspection, structural steel inspection or timber frame inspection

  • If you are a civil works or construction company planning to undertake a large community infrastructure project or tender

  • If you are an asset or strata manager and require require remedial engineer's investigation of a building condition or fault

  • Council has requested an Engineers Certificate for a structure

  • If you are building a retaining wall exceeding Council's limits or an existing wall is failing


    Please contact us if you feel you need any advice or a quotation for any of the above Engineering Services.