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The company has successfully traded for over twenty years.


Your Local Construction Engineering Specialists – Sydney


From residential to commercial building projects, our construction engineering team in Western Sydney will ensure your build is a huge success. Specialising in all forms of structural engineering services, Inhouse Consulting Engineers can check your site for a range of issues, giving you peace of mind at every stage of the project.


With over 30 years of experience, our skilled and professionals will ensure your construction project is completely safe and meets all compulsory safety standards. We understand building a new structure from the ground up is a big investment, with many potential pitfalls that may occur along the way. Our job is to help you avoid any unforseen problems, providing you with the right structural tools to ensure a successful build.


Whether you’re after structural engineers, residential engineers and even civil engineers, we have got all your building solutions covered. Get in touch today to find out more.

We have been delivering quality building & structural services for over 30 years

There’s a high level of expertise required when building a new home or commercial development. If your structure is not structurally sound, there can be many issues that present themselves later down the track. Our construction engineering team in Western Sydney have helped hundreds of clients achieve great success with their construction projects.


We pride ourselves on our honesty, passion and professionalism, always aiming to deliver outstanding results.  At Inhouse Engineers, we have been involved at every stage of the build process and play an important role in the construction and design of a structure.

Whether you’re undertaking a new construction, renovation or extension, we bring meticulous attention to detail to every job. We are always available to answer all your questions and talk with you about anything related to your building project.


Offering integrated engineering solutions, our skilled team is here to make the whole process as easy as possible. From high quality drawings to comprehensive onsite assessments, we can deliver outstanding outcomes everytime and confidently fix and repair all your structural issues.


Do you have a building project coming up?


Get in touch with our construction engineering team in Sydney to discuss all your civil and structural building requirements. You can reach us on  (02) 4721 0044 or email: for more information.

We are Structural Engineers carrying out designs of :
  • Footings and Raft Slabs
  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs, Beams and Columns
  • Steel Frames, Trusses, Beams and Columns
  • Timber Framing and Bracing, Beams and Posts
  • Retaining Walls of all materials
  • Culverts, Small Bridges, Pits and Drainage Structures
  • Swimming Pools
And our specialty is in the areas of :
  • Residential Housing
  • Civil Structures that form part of Land Development projects.
  • Investigation of Cracking and Building Problems
  • Dilapidation Surveys and Insurance Investigations and Reports
  • Certificates of Structural Adequacy
  • Pre-purchase Structural Appraisals



How can we help you?

Talk to one our friendly staff now.

call: 02 4721 0044



For projects such as
All Types and Sizes of Houses, Villas, Duplexes, and Townhouses, Home Units, Shops And Large Retail Centres, Office Buildings, Churches, Factories, Warehouses, Universities, Preschools, Schools, Community Centres, Licensed Clubs, Medical Facilities, Laboratories, Bridges, Drainage Structures, Retaining Walls, Gymnasiums, Sporting Facilities
Refer to Example Projects page for photos of our work.

Structural Engineering

Inhouse Consulting Engineers is located in Western Sydney and we specialise in conducting structural engineering services all across Greater Sydney, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains.


With over 30 years of experience, our skilled and professional team can precisely check your site for any potential problems and ensure you’re guarded against any issues for the foreseeable future.


We appreciate that engaging a structural engineer might be a daunting prospect for you and something which may only need to do once in your life.


The engineers at Inhouse Consulting Engineers have a range of expertise and are known by many names – structural engineers, residential engineers and even civil engineers. Therefore if you need a skilled engineer, get in touch with us.


What is a structural engineer?


Structural engineers focus specifically on the structure of a building and ensure that the frame of a building is safe, functional and meets any safety requirements and building codes. Basically a structural engineer’s role is to check that the building you have designed and imagined will actually stand up.


What is a residential engineer?


As a residential engineer we are known to help the homeowner. Without the help of our residential engineers some homes around the greater Sydney and Blue Mountains area could experience movement problems, cracking and other inconveniences that come with poorly designed and built properties.


Alternatively, if you are looking at renovating, adding a retaining wall to your property, or installing a swimming pool we can help with those projects as well.


Don’t be fooled into thinking engineers only work on huge business developments or new builds. All enquiries receive the same amount of care and attention to detail.


What is a civil engineer?


If we are utilised in the civil engineering capacity we can help with stormwater designs, water sensitive urban design (WSUD), culverts, concrete slabs for retaining walls and bridges.


We have also worked with planners and provided foundations for viewing platforms and shelter structures in a variety of public locations.


As you can see from the above variations of our skills, without the help of one of our engineers from Inhouse Consulting Engineers Sydney and Blue Mountains homeowners and developers dreams could be short lived before damages reveal unsuitable or inadequate construction methods.


What kind of work can our range of structural/residential/civil engineers perform?


Our structural engineers in Western Sydney have been delivering quality building and structural solutions for over 30 years.

We have been involved at every stage of the build process, and play an important role in the construction and design of a structure.


The role of a structural engineer is not limited to new constructions, as renovations and extensions on existing properties will receive the same level of detail and care. We deliver the quality services of a building structural engineer that Sydney and Blue Mountains residents can rely on.


Our structural engineers are just as at home on a commercial site as they are on a residential property. We understand using a structural engineer may be an unfamiliar experience for some of our clients so our team are here to talk you through the process in terms that are easily understood.


Our range of services are varied and we appreciate each structure is unique, from residential extensions to large commercial new builds, we are here to make the process as easy for you and your building team as possible by providing high-quality drawings with every detail accounted for.


We can create structural engineer reports in Sydney and drawings that builders and residents alike can understand and use confidently to repair, reverse or minimise structural issues.